N E X T L    E    V    E    L E N T E R T A I N M E N T
L U C A S  K U Z M A  
Hailing from Wichita, KS, Lucas is a classically trained tenor who studied at Wichita State University. He grew up in the Music Theater community playing a variety of challenging leads as well as supporting roles. With an ever-changing taste in music, Lucas co-founded the Rock group Montezuma with Ryan Oliver and Cameron Overstake in 1996, where they started composing original pieces and pulling large and youthful crowds.
Lucas helped found the hard-rock group "Versus The Sun". The talented quartet recorded "Weapons" in 2007. Now emerging as a strong solo performer Lucas Kuzma writes, records, and performs his own material. Lucas is surrounded by some of the strongest, and most talented young musicians in the industry today. From Pop, to Rock, to Adult-Contemporary, Lucas' ability to channel honest, emotional tone as well as tactful, raw grit, has made him a go- to session player for nearly all genres of music.
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