N E X T L    E    V    E    L E N T E R T A I N M E N T
R V T H Y  
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With her artless radiance and distinctively raspy and affecting voice, hailing from the alluring shores of Australia, singer, lyricist and soul-tinged melody artist “Rvthy”  weaves the florid and poetic wealth of yesterday with the favorable, au courant cadences and sensibilities of today.
In 2008 Rvthy successfully made it to final stages of Austrailian Idol. Complementing her voice with the guitar and piano, “Rvthy”  unashamedly sings from an essentially exposed and intimate angle, sharing reflections and curiosities of the human heart and its assorted emotions. Carrying her songs with feeling and compassion, she will take you on a journey to utopian heights, via the moving depths of life’s vales, romancing and rousing you every phase of the flight.